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Stupid fucking blue smokey eye

Stupid fucking blue smokey eye.

No pictures, because I cannot find my camera. I used a lot of things that you can’t get anymore. So if I were you I’d use what you have. Will post potential dupes.

Products used:


M.A.C greasepaint stick in “B” (From the Dsquared collection that came out in 2009)

M.A.C Mineralize eyes Shadow in Blue Flame (Style Black 2009)

M.A.C eyeshadow in “The Right Smoke” (from Tone: Grey palette)

M.A.C Super Slick Liquid Liner in Signature Blue (Permanent)

M.A.C Zoom Fast Black Lash(Permanent)

M.A.C Float On By eye kohl (From To The Beach 2010)

M.A.C Sweetjoy eyeshadow (From Venomous Villains 2010)

Urban Decay’s 24/7 liner in Zero (Always available)

Urban Decay’s Polyester Bride

Urban Decay’s eyeshadow in Jynx (From the Book of Shadows volume two)

Urban Decay’s Loaded (From Book of Shadows volume three)

UD’s Primer Potion

Red Cherry lashes


MAKE UP FOREVER HD Foundation in my skin tone

M.A.C studio sculpt concealer in NC 15

M.A.C Select Sheer Pressed Powder in NC 5

M.A.C Golden Bronzer

M.A.C Magically Cool Liquid Powder in Truth and Light (Venomous Villains 2010)

M.A.C Bite Of An Apple Blush(Venomous Villains 2010)


Hot House lipglass (Venomous Villains 2010)

How to recreate:

Prime your eyes with UD’s Primer Potion. Put it everywhere, lid, crease, inner corner, brow bone, lower lash line. Then, put B (greasepaint stick) all over the lid. Don’t use too much or it will crease and you’ll look like a hot mess. Which is not the look we’re going for. Then, using your 239 (or any paddle shader brush) pack Blue Flame over the lid. Don’t sweep it on, or you’ll get fallout all over your fucking face. Once again, this is a smokey eye and not an “I slept in my make up and am hung over” eye.

Now, take your 217 or a similar brush and mix The Right Smoke and Jynx together. Place this in your crease, blend with back and fourth motions. Now, take Loaded and do the same thing, putting it over Jynx and The Right Smoke. If it looks a little messy clean up the edges by taking your 275 and blending it out with your face powder or a skin tone eye shadow. Make sure the eye shadow is in YOUR skin tone. Then put Sweetjoy on the brow bone with a blending brush of your choice. Line your lower lash line with Float on By eye kohl and with your 219 put Blue Flame over it. Wipe off your 219 really well and put UD’s Polyester Bride on your inner corner. If you haven’t already, tight line with Zero or a black eyeliner of your choice. Also line your waterline. Line your eye with Signature Blue Super Slick Liquid Liner. Put on your false lashes. I used Red Cherry lashes number 28.

Now for the face. If you didn’t do your foundation already, do it. I use M.A.C Prep+Prime Skin. Then concealer, foundation, powder, etc. Then contour. I use my 168 and Golden to do this. If you don’t know how to contour then go kill yourself. Or look it up youtube. Preferably the first one. Then using the 187, put Bite Of An Apple on the apples of your cheeks. To figure out where the apples of your cheeks are, just smile. Highlight with Truth and Light Magically Cool Liquid powder. Then put your fucking lipgloss on. Then your done.

Potential dupes for some of these products are:

Deep Truth from M.A.C in place of The Right Smoke

Also, for Blue Flame. The Other Mineralize eyeshadow from Venomous Villains, I think it was She Who Dares, the blue side might work.

UD’s Binge 24/7 liner for B greasepaint stick.

NYX’s African Queen for Hot House

Will post more dupes as I find them.