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Wash your fucking make up brushes.

I posted a blog about washing your face, and now I am posting a blog about washing your make up brushes. Washing your brushes is just as important as washing your face. Think about it. Your face has oil. You put your brushes on your face. Then your brushes get the oil from your face on the bristles. If you don’t wash your brushes, then your getting that oil and bacteria into your make up and back onto your face again. Then you get acne. Nobody wants acne. It’s unsightly. So if you have make up brushes and want to know how to clean them so they aren’t squalid germ infested monstrosities, keep reading.

Deep Cleaning- There are two different kinds of ways to clean your brushes. Deep cleaning and spot cleaning. Deep cleaning is when you thoroughly wash your brushes. I usually do this three times a week. Maybe more, depending. The way I like to do this is by using baby shampoo. It’s super gentle and cleans your brushes well. Anyways, this is what you do.  Get your brushes together and go to think sink of your choice. Put that water on lukewarm/cold water, because hot water will damage the hair follicle.  This also applies to your hair.  Rinse with cold water. Helps keep your hair nice. Anyways, back to the brush washing. Wet the bristles and pour some baby shampoo into the palm of your hand. Then, wash the brush very gently. Rinse thoroughly.  Also, try to keep the water on the bristles only. If you get the water on the handle, it will seep into the ferrule and cause the brush hairs to rot and fall out. Lay out to dry.


Spot Cleaning- Same basic concept, except you use brush cleanser. Use M.A.C’s. It’s the best out there. Rinse them afterwards though.

PROTIP: For wax based products (lipsticks, concealers, etc) use olive oil to help break up the product.